I enjoy sharing my passion with others and watching our research being applied to the lives of others.  I knew I loved statistics and research early in my career, but it took much longer to realize my love for communication and diversity.

My first attempt at manually placing electrodes solo is a success!

On top of completing research using my statistical skills, I have also had the opportunity to finesse my public speaking skills.  I consistently receive compliments for my ability to synthesize complex information and convey that information to beginners in a concise and understandable manner.  The new challenge has been teaching to a new population in Norway, as most of my students do not speak English as their native language.  I have had practice with nonnative public speaking, but this has mostly involved short lectures and presentations to students who were specifically trying to improve their English listening skills–not master complex material like statistics.

Lecturing to my class about similarities between t-tests and ANOVAs.

Courses I have taught include:

Bachelor Level

  • Introductory Statistics at Missouri State University (PSY 200) as teacher on record
  • Interventions and Research at University of Oslo (PED 2104) as seminar leader

Master Level

  • Research Methods at University of Oslo (EDU 4251) as teacher on record
  • Introductory Statistics at University of Oslo (PED 4010 and 4011) as seminar leader and guest lecturer


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