Conducting research is one of my absolute favorite things to do!  I love answering questions through science and finding ways to apply our research so that we can have a better world.  I began working under Dr. Russell Carney early in my academic career and am honored to have been able to work in his laboratory until his retirement.  I have since grown to work in many laboratories and research groups, each with their own niche.


TextDIM (Text Comprehension: Development, Instruction, and Multiple Texts; under Dr. Joshua Lawrence, Universitetet i Oslo), Summer 2018 – Present
Research on English language learning and assessment for nonnative speakers.
I work with this research team in their endeavors to determine which words are most difficult for nonnative speakers to learn, and the improvement of testing fairness and accuracy.
We are also improving its blended statistics course.  In particular, I am revamping syntax and recording videos for Stata, then translating those into SPSS and R.


Language Learning Laboratory (under Dr. Patrik Bye and Dr. Jessica Hanssen, Nord Universitetet), Summer 2017 – Present
Research on the benefits of translanguage for English compositions.
I am currently advising on the statistical analyses and design of a doctoral dissertation.  This dissertation is comparing hundreds of essays written by Norwegian students to find the effects of using translanguage when writing.
Since the rest of the research team is in Bodø at North University, all of our work is accomplished via e-mail and Zoom since we started working together while I was still living in the United States!


Mnemonics Research Laboratory (under Dr. Russell Carney, Missouri State University), Spring 2012 – Spring 2017
Research on mnemonic devices, specifically the method of loci and the pegword method.
We have applied these methods to learning different lists and connecting names to faces and found that mnemonic devices facilitate better learning than rote memorization, but that no device is better than another.


DOOM Laboratory (under Dr. Erin Buchanan, Missouri State University), Fall 2014 – Spring 2017
Research on language interference for language learners, judgments of learning, and metacognition in language learning
I began working in this laboratory on an independent project comparing native and non-native speakers of English on grammar skills.  After, I began working as an official member of the laboratory on many projects, such as: comparing ease of language learning for native speakers of English and their judgments of learning; judgments of learning in the statistics classroom; and the effects of metacognition on language learning.


Brain Behavior and Research Laboratory (under Dr. Carly Yadon, Missouri State University), Fall 2015 – Spring 2017
Research on the effects of gating and habituation on college attitudes and success using the Electroencephalogram.  
We studied the relationship between sensory gating and different personality traits, such as conscientiousness (positively correlated) and neuroticism (negatively correlated).
I managed this laboratory as the graduate assistant and taught undergraduate students how to use the EEG properly and analyze the waves for peaks at P50, N100, and P200 (also known as “peak-picking”).


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