About Me

 NorwayComing Soon: Click here to be redirected to this page in Norwegian.

Hi, and welcome to my page!
My name is Rebecca Knoph, which is pronounced:

  • /rəbekə näf/ (English pronunciation)
  • /rebekə kənäf/ (Norsk uttalelse).
  • My maiden name is Allinder (pronounced /aləndər/).

You can download the paper version of my Curriculum Vitae: Last Updated February 2, 2018


I recently accepted a position as a PhD fellow at the University of Oslo!  I will be working with the TextDIM (Text Comprehension: Development, Instruction, and Multiple Texts) research team to assess what words are particularly difficult for second language learners, and how to make literacy tests fair and accurate for this population using my favorite: Item Response Theory.  I will also be working to improve the Introduction to Statistics course as a blended-learning course for Norwegian students in their Master’s programs.

Just me!

Prior to this acceptance, I graduated with my Master of Science in Experimental Psychology and a graduate certificate in Statistics and Research Design.  I specialize in linguistic research, testing, and education; specifically in second/foreign language learning and testing.  My favorite statistical analysis is Item Response Theory, especially 3PL models.  I think the guessing parameter is so neat and insightful!  My second favorite analysis is the t-test because of the Lady Tasting Tea myth (or maybe true story, we will never really know), though my students do not find that story nearly as fun as I do.

Visiting Norway in December, 2016

My husband, Martin, is from Brønnøysund, Norway.  We met shortly before I studied abroad in Bodø at Universitetet i Nordland (now Nord Universitetet).  After many months of visa paperwork, doctor’s visits, and embassy appointments, we married in October 2015.

Zip Lining in Branson, MO

I love working with statistics and discovering new applications for language learning and testing.  When I am not studying or preparing lectures (or volunteering, or sleeping… which leaves little time), I am usually outdoors around Springfield or working on some craft project.  My favorite medium is acrylic paint.



My favorite book is Flowers for Algernon.  If you have not read it, prepare to cry.  I do not usually enjoy re-reading books, but I love re-reading this one.  It will push you to consider the limitations of science and the impact that innovation can have at the individual level.

And that is the gist of me!  Click around my page to discover more about my research interests, experience, presentations, or download my CV.


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